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What should those companies unable to access hyper and super amortization do?

It is a fact that tax relief schemes such as hyper and super amortization can only benefit Italian companies that meet certain requirements. But what about all the others? What about all those who have emerged unscathed – with head held high on with some difficulty – from the years of the crisis and who now for practical reasons (economic and otherwise) are unable to access the important tax benefits provided by the Calenda Plan?

In other words:

 Are Italian  companies who are unable to benefit from hyper and super amortization destined to stop growing and be competitive with all the related consequences?

Or are there other solutions?
One, as we have set out several times, is the business network but this isn’t what I want to talk about.
I am referring in fact to notions that I often hear from Italian entrepreneurs who complain that there are a number of European countries (such as Poland) which host companies with which it is becoming increasingly difficult to compete because they manage to grow out of all proportion thanks to access to European funds that they use for their investment by up to 80%.

Now, I do not consider myself an expert on the subject, because the investments we have made in MICROingranaggi are almost all in the context of super and hyper amortization but logics are logics.

 What I want to point out is that if we are part of a 28-state system, everyone should have the same rights as others. Am I wrong?

So, I wonder, why are there countries – such as Poland – which are able to access European funds that cover the vast majority of their companies’ investments and other countries – like Italy – whose entrepreneurs encounter this problem? What’s not working?

Unfortunately, for a long time now, our politicians have not “functioned”. But beware: I am not referring to the parties, but to the politicians as professional figures who, over many years, should have worked for us on various levels (including ‘Europe) and that instead, for one reason or another, which I don’t feel is appropriate to bring up again here, have slowly lost credibility, with direct consequences on our business system and on our economy.

I hope that the Italian politicians in charge today – and once again I do not want to talk about parties or coalitions, but about professionals experienced in a specific subject – know how to do things better and are able to recover at least a little of that credibility that many Italians consider has been lost without any responsibility.

By Stefano Garavaglia

È il CEO di MICROingranaggi, nonché l'anima dell'azienda.
Per Stefano un imprenditore deve avere le tre C: Cuore, Cervello, Costanza.
Cuore inteso come passione per quello che fa, istinto e rispetto per il prossimo. Cervello inteso come visione, come capacità a non farsi influenzare da situazioni negative. Costanza perché un imprenditore non deve mai mollare.

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