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What are you hoping for from 2018?

It’s natural at the start of each new year to ask yourself what the future holds in store. And that’s why I’m here asking you all this question.

What do you think 2018 will hold in store? Have you already got an inkling?

I’m not an economist, so first of all I will refer to the results of the better known studies which indicate that 2018 will be a year of economic growth probably even higher than that of 2017. This applies to the Eurozone but also to the other major economies of the world that are thought to be destined to grow together (so-called “synchronized growth“).

So economists and analysts predict that 2018 will be an excellent year for the global economy.

But let’s come to us.
2017 was for MICROingranaggi a very positive year not so much for the acquisition of who knows what and how many new customers, but rather because we have seen a sharp increase in orders from our usual buyers. There are two main reasons for this: on the one hand, companies (and our customers) have started, since last year, to increase their production; on the other hand they have finally resumed investing, a factor which – as we all well know – puts the entire economy into motion.
With the exception therefore for some slightly challenging international issues (I mean Brexit, the potential instability in Europe and the relations between United States and North Korea, China and Mexico) that unfortunately we know may influence the world economy, I also think that there is nothing that does not indicate anything other than another positive year.

What’s important, as I always say, is not to stay still and watch. We have never stopped investing, not even during the years of crisis, and we will also continue along this path in 2018.

We are planning and considering a series of actions to improve and revolutionize our structure and which will result not only in new investments in technology but also in human resources through the introduction of new professionals in new roles.

Our goal is, once again, to further optimise machine coverage, profitability, marginality, and so on. The aim of all of this is to ensure even more precise reasoning, which will be increasingly based on feeling and on instinct, and increasingly more on hard data and its analysis. During the year, however, I will be going into detail about each initiative.

For now I wish you all a Happy New Year and a good start!

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